Using the square grid to design and implement artistic works in the fields of art education connected with the distance education system

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1 College of Basic Education Department of Art Education. Kuwait

2 Basic Education College –Applicable Education Art Education Department Aredia Zone /State of Kuwait


The utilization of artistic works in distance education has gained popularity in the field of art education. Numerous studies have provided evidence that incorporating artworks into online learning can lead to quality education. However, there is a lack of formal research on this approach in the Arab world, particularly in the Middle East. This study highlights the significant role that artists and their artworks play in advancing distance education. Exploring the arts can greatly enhance students' motivation, attitudes, art language, and sensitivity to aesthetics. The research suggests several ways to engage with artists and their works, ranging from using photos of artworks to accessing virtual museums, galleries, and exhibitions, as well as collaborating with artists both within and outside of educational institutions. The study's findings also demonstrate the effective use of Divergent Thinking, assisted by square grid forms, to implement students' designs throughout the online education system
Keywords: Distance education, artworks, gride forms. online education.

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